Kay Array is a multidisciplinary corporate video production company that shapes ideas through clever and simple design solutions with functionality at its core.

aesthetics and


Partnering with local and international clients that value design just as much as we do.


No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

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We are committed to creating memorable brands that tell engaging stories through concept-driven design solutions.

We are Kay Array

We are the young guns, who love to imagine what doesn’t exist and make it happen.
We blend visuals and purpose to create a meaningful and impactful personalized promotional video for your brand.
We create corporate videos, and business marketing videos that can be used as your digital marketing content.

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BREW COFFEE is a New Jersey, based coffee and donut shop. They wanted a personalized landing page video which communicated about its history, location and the products.

After brainstorming, our team came up with the idea to use the products to depict the offered range. As for showcasing the history, we used the non-conventional way of using the location and time of origin.

They had a creative logo with a coffee cup which was then animated to show the freshness of coffee and ingredients.


PYRAMIDS is an architectural firm. When they came to Kay Array the team had a clear vision of what they wanted to communicate in their video. Through their personalized video, they planned to show their previous works.

The aim was to showcase their expertise in the domain.


When J&D group wanted to publish their employee review report 2020, they took a new approach of using a corporate video.

For the project, our team decided to use employee photographs that conveyed trustworthiness, a greater sense of understanding, and better reliability for the company. This also helps in new recruitment.

The rest of the animation was to support the main idea.


When Brew Coffee published their food blog, they asked us to make a personalized promotional cum educational video for them.

For this, our video animators conceptualized the ingredients while adding some animation.

Our challenge was to create image-worthy elements that were attractive while still retaining the interest of the audience.


ADRIAN & COLTON is a shoe-based retail company. They were planning to introduce their new product when they approached Kay Array. The team asked us to create a customized video Ad teaser for the launch.

After researching their customer segment our team at Kay Array came to know that most of these consumers were sensitive to their shoes and cared a lot about their comfort. So we decided to highlight these features in the product teaser.

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Whatever the cost, all our videos are designed using a managed production Quality Process, with approvals by you at every stage (included in the price).
Adherence to this Quality Process is your guarantee of final finished quality, regardless of the cost of your video.

Revisions are included as standard at each stage in our production.
In types of unplanned & unexpected circumstances there may be an additional revision cost.

Typically, short videos take 2-3 weeks and long videos may take 5-7 weeks.

These times can be beaten.

Please enquire.

Usually, yes.
For example, a 1-minute low cost video requires less than a week of studio work.
It’s quick to produce because the actual studio production time is not especially lengthy.
For more, please contact us.

There are different types of business and marketing videos. Each costs differently.
Here are the different types or styles of video. Knowing these can help you understand better what you’re looking for, in a maze of video styles & options.
• High-cost 3D Product video
• High-cost 2D video
• High-cost Infographic video
• Low-cost animated video
• High-cost stock footage with animation video
• Corporate Video
For examples, please contact us.

You’ve seen a video somewhere on the web that you like, and want to know how much it costs?
Write in and send us a link to the video you like. We’ll respond promptly with a price, plus some ideas for improving on what you’ve seen without increasing your cost.

Here are our standard terms of business


• Payment

• Amends & approvals

• Runtime

• Schedules


A 50% non-refundable deposit will be paid in advance of each video.

The balance will be payable on completion & approval by the client.

The client has 2 weeks for final approval before the balance payment is automatically due.

All prices are in $USD.

No credit terms are offered. Prompt payment only.

Payment by PAYPAL only.

Amends & approvals

Your quotation allows for 1 voiceover recording session per video. Additional voiceover recording will be paid for by you unless specified in a separate Quotation & Specification. You can even opt for non-copyright music.

The project will not be completed until it is 100% approved by you.

Your final pre-delivery amends will be attended to in one session, once they are all received, i.e., amends aren’t sent as a series of piecemeal requests.


If your video exceeds the agreed runtime, you may be required to pay for the additional runtime at a pro-rata rate.


If you delay or break an agreed delivery schedule, the studio will no longer be liable for any previously agreed delivery date. Nonetheless, we will always make our best efforts to keep to the previously agreed delivery.

FIRST, you need to identify the type or style of video you’re looking for, e.g., a product video, an educational video, a high-level marketing video, an in-depth explainer video, etc. You can see all these different video styles in our portfolio.

SECOND, you need to know how long your video is, as this dramatically affects its cost.
As a guide, 130 words of the script is 1 minute of video runtime.
You’ll see some videos will work out low cost, while others will cost more. So pick a video style and video length that suits you, and Get in Touch to discuss.

You’ll need an outline draft video script to know how long your video will be when you are looking for an accurate price.

Just estimating 1 to 2 minutes (or 2 to 3 minutes) won’t get you an accurate price.

Here’s what to do:
  1. Quickly write down the main message you need in your video. You can maybe copy this from your website or a PowerPoint presentation. Or just quickly write down what comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage.
  2. Do a word count of your quick draft.
  3. Divide your word count by 130. This is the word rate a voiceover speaks per minute, i.e., 130 words per minute or 130 wpm.
  4. The result is the length of your video in minutes. Now, you can get an accurate quote.